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Bio-Hazard Clean Up

MODERNO Restoration Inc.

At MODERNO Restoration Inc., we understand that hazardous spills require prompt and effective action to protect your property and health. Our dedicated emergency response team is available 24/7 to address your concerns quickly and professionally.

Immediate Response: Call Us Now!
Emergency Hotline: 647.527.8063

Immediate Actions

1. Evacuate the Area

  • Alert all personnel in the vicinity.

  • Evacuate immediately if the hazard is severe.

  • Avoid contamination by not touching anything.

2. Isolate the Hazard

  • Close doors or use barriers to prevent the spread.

  • Shut off any ventilation systems if possible.

3. Report the Incident

  • Contact the Emergency Hotline IMMEDIATELY.

  • Provide details about the nature and location of the hazard.

Containment Procedures

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Use gloves, masks, eye protection, and full-body suits as necessary.

  • Ensure all PPE is properly fitted and free from defects.

2. Decontamination:

  • Follow standard decontamination protocols using approved solutions.

  • Dispose of contaminated materials in designated bio-hazard bags.

3. Isolation Zones:

  • Establish clear boundaries for contaminated areas.

  • Use warning signs and tape to demarcate these zones.

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