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At MODERNO Restoration Inc., we specialize in the meticulous restoration and enhancement of exterior and interior spaces. With a deep appreciation for artistic heritage and a desire to enhance the  aesthetics of buildings, our expert team brings together a wealth of experience and passion for restoring interior and exterior spaces to their original splendor.

Everyone loves a freshly painted space!
Office: 647.494.5505

Our Services

1. Painting Restoration:

  • Cleaning and Surface Preparation: Using advanced techniques and materials, we gently remove layers of dirt, grime, and discoloured surfaces and apply a fresh coat to enhance the appeal of your property. 

  • Consolidation and Stabilization: Addressing issues such as flaking paint or unstable surfaces to ensure that your interior spaces get the best look ever.

  • Colour matching: Carefully matching colours and textures to seamlessly integrate any areas of loss, ensuring a harmonious appearance without compromising the original look.

2. Conservation:

  • Preventative Conservation: Customized care plans to protect paintings from environmental factors and slow down the natural aging process.

  • Documentation and Research: Comprehensive documentation of historic builiding condition and historical research to inform conservation decisions.

3. Consultation and Evaluation:

  • Condition Reports: Detailed assessments of affected areas such as walls, trims, floor finishes, including recommendations for necessary treatments.

  • Expert Advice: Consultation services for historic buildings to ensure compliance with City By-Law regulations in the preservation of the exterior facade.

Why Choose MODERNO Restoration Inc.?

  • Expertise: Our team consists of trained painters with extensive experience in all kinds of exterior or interior painting taks.

  • Quality: We adhere to international standards and guidelines set by paint manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality of workmanship.

  • Commitment: We will transform your exterior or interior spaces into beautiful ones. 

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